After Previous Negative Statements, Norwegian Billionaire Invests In Bitcoin

According to reports, Norwegian businessman and billionaire ØysteinStray Spetalen bought a large amount of Bitcoin. In addition, the billionaire is said to have invested heavily in the local cryptocurrency exchange MiraiEx. Finansavisen reported on this on March 26.

According to a MiraiEx spokesperson, the platform currently does not require new funding, but MiraiEx acknowledges that the additional funding will help accelerate the development of the exchange. A spokesperson for the stock exchange said:

“We really don’t need money. We just want to grow faster.”

Spetalen made a negative comment on Bitcoin this month, calling it a nonsense currency, which is surprising news. In addition, the royal currency is not friendly to the environment, and European regulators should ban BTC. He said at the BNB Investment Conference:

“Today, Bitcoin consumes as much energy as the entire energy consumption of Norway. This is extremely bad for the environment. If they really mean anything to Bitcoin, the authorities and the European Union should immediately ban it.”

He added the following:

“This is just nonsense. Our current payment system is doing very well.”

Recently, the famous billionaire Ray Dalio (Ray Dalio) also explained why he believes that governments such as the United States may ban Bitcoin in the future.

What Bitcoin FOMO can’t do to you

However, Spitaln quickly changed his mind after talking to the founder of MiraiEx. He said:

“The facts have changed, I have changed. The day after I recorded the podcast in early March, I met the founder of MiraiEx and realized I was wrong. When I also read that Kjell Inge Røkke entered Bitcoin, it was clear. I don’t I can bear to see Røkke make money, but I didn’t.”

Industrial giant Kjell Inge Røkke launched the cryptocurrency company Seetee in early March, which bought Bitcoin for 500 million Swedish kronor.

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