Bitcoin showed the maximum daily growth in history of more than $ 4000 against the background of liquidation of short positions

Bitcoin’s largest daily rise in history led to a renewed all-time high of $ 23,777 and the liquidation of short positions by $ 1.21 billion.

Yesterday, at 14:30 on December 16 Indian time, BTC traded for about $ 19,450, and today at the same time the rate of the first cryptocurrency exceeded $ 23,600. Several major exchanges (Binance, Bitstamp, Coinbase) set a new historical maximum at $ 23,777.

This is the largest in the history of Bitcoin growth per day in dollar terms in the entire history of the market, exceeding $ 4000. However, it was followed by a major pullback, and now the price of BTC has rolled back to $ 22,500.

Many traders hoped that Bitcoin again would not be able to overcome the most important milestone of $ 20,000, or only slightly exceed it, and opened short positions. The powerful growth of the exchange rate led to a large-scale liquidation of these positions. According to the portal , $ 1.21 billion worth of bitcoin transactions were forcibly closed only on major exchanges. Another $ 160 million was lost by the owners of positions for other cryptocurrencies. According to the website, 97,000 traders have triggered stop losses.

A few days before the breakthrough of Bitcoin, American businessman and author of books on investment Robert Kiyosaki urged investors to invest in BTC while the price of the asset remains below $ 20,000. The entrepreneur believes that soon the rate of the first cryptocurrency will reach $ 50,000.

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