Blockchain will help track the supply of components for nuclear power plants

Nuclearis, a company that designs and manufactures components for nuclear power plants, has launched a supply tracking system based on the RSK smart contract platform.

Due to strict government oversight of the construction and operation of nuclear power plants, each of the millions of components, spare parts and devices must have accompanying documentation describing the life cycle. This is necessary so that in the event of an accident, the source of the problem can be identified. However, it is often difficult to obtain and store paper records.

Nuclearis has applied blockchain to upload the required documentation into an accessible, reliable and immutable repository. Each file is accompanied by a unique hash so that the company can confirm that the documentation accompanies a particular component and is protected from tampering and tampering. In addition, blockchain ensures that documents cannot be lost or damaged in transit.

Nuclearis is headquartered in Buenos Aires, but has offices in the United States and China. Nuclearis hopes that the system will be used in other countries, and the blockchain will help in the creation of new nuclear power plants, especially since their number should increase from 440 to 590 by 2050. Let us recall that in March , the Argentine Gasnet platform was launched on the basis of RSK aimed at simplifying and accelerating the gas certification process.

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