Bluzelle Launches Mainnet for Decentralized Storage in August

Bluzelle Blockchain Data Decentralized Hosting Project will begin the mainnet launch on 8 August. First, BLZ staking will become available to the user.

As part of the first phase of the mainnet launch, BLZ staking and rewards for participating in the network validation process will be available to users, according to the press release. Members must create a BluzelleNet address using the Bluzelle staking platform to start earning BLZ credits to their addresses once a day.

The launch of the mainnet also marks the platform’s transition to the latest version of the Tendermint consensus algorithm. Bluzelle CEO Pavel Bains said that unlike Filecoin and Storj , which provide file storage services to customers, Bluzelle makes data storage easier for app developers.

The network will allow developers to pay for storage space and write data to a decentralized database. Bluzelle raised $ 19.5 million through its initial token offering (ICO) in 2018, and began testing the mainnet three months ago with a consensus-sharing option. The final mainnet launch is scheduled for September 8th.

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