Brad Garlinghouse: “Ripple is not going to change strategy”

Recently, The Financial Times published an article in which it announced Ripple’s plans to change its strategy, but the company’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse denied this information.

In an article from The Financial Times, Ripple plans to focus on building tools for blockchain-based application developers. According to journalists, Ripple is pursuing goals “going much further than international payments.” However, Brad Garlinghouse said the company had no plans to change its strategy.

“Ripple certainly has no plans to ‘reset’ its strategy. We will continue to use XRP to address the current $ 10 trillion problem, including the international payments problem, ”Ripple CEO said in a post on Twitter.

Note that more than 55% of the total amount of XRP remains in Ripple’s vaults. Various banks and financial companies do use the Ripple platform for international payments , however, according to The Block, their number was less than expected. In addition, to attract partners, Ripple pays them premiums in XRP.

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