Changyu Will Use Blockchain To Track Wine Supply Chain

Chinese tech giant Tencent has announced plans to develop a blockchain-based platform for Changyu, the country’s oldest and largest wine producer.

Thanks to the blockchain, Changyu will track every stage of wine production and sale, including planting of vines, growing grapes, winemaking and distribution of finished products. Each bottle of wine will receive a unique certificate that can be used to track all the details of production. This will be the first project of this scale in China.

Buyers will be able to obtain complete information about the wine, including grape varieties and dates of harvest, where it was grown, as well as rainfall levels and temperatures in the area. In addition, thanks to the new system, distributors and retail outlets will be able to more easily identify counterfeit products, as well as batches that have not passed quality control.

Recall that in early July, the Symbol project launched a blockchain solution that will help winemakers track raw materials and finished products at every stage of production and supply chain. And this spring, EY Japan announced the development of a SAKE Blockchain platform for tracking sake shipments .

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