Chinese BSN platform adds support for Tezos

The Tezos project has joined the list of blockchains supported by the Chinese national platform Blockchain Service Network (BSN).

According to the article, a blog post on Medium, supported by China, the draft Blockchain Service Network Government announced the integration blokcheyna Tezos. Tezos has entered the “first batch of blockchains” to be integrated into BSN International, a global platform that provides access to public network services at BSN.

Through the integration, developers around the world can now access the Tezos protocol using BSN’s global public nodes and portals. According to the article, all three global public city nodes in Hong Kong, California and Paris are integrated with the Tezos blockchain in both the main and test network.

To deploy and manage controlled blockchains at BSN International, developers must create an account on the official website. With access to Permissionless Services, developers can create their own projects on the Tezos mainnet or testnet. BSN states that all APIs provided by Tezos are available in BSN in a similar way, while maintaining the original data format.

The BSN platform was  launched  on April 25 with the support of the Chinese government, and in July the developers announced that the platform will support over 100 open blockchains. In September BSN added support for Algorand, ShareRing and Solana, and earlier Chainlink and Cosmos.

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