ETH miners’ daily income grew by over 60% in a month

According to the mining pool Sparkpool, the daily income of Ethereum miners has grown by more than 60% in a month. The increase in miners’ income is associated with an increase in fees and the price of ETH.

Sparkpool data shows that on June 27, Ethereum miners’ daily income was about $ 1.85 per 100 Mh / s. Over the past month and even over the past two weeks, it has grown by 60% and reached $ 3.27 on July 25. Since then, the figure has dropped to $ 3.

During the same period the price of ether rose nearly 40%, from $ 229 to $ 324 as of today, and reached a peak in July last year. At the same time, online transaction fees, which represent a fraction of the daily income of miners, hit a two-year high as the hype around the DeFi industry sparked a surge in network activity.

Nevertheless, according to  Etherscan , the total computing power of Ethereum remains stable at about 190 Ph / s. Bitinfocharts data indicates that daily Ethereum mining income remained below $ 2 per 100 Mh / s during the first quarter of this year and fell to $ 1 after the markets fell in March. But four months later, daily mining income had tripled.

Currently, some modern Ethereum mining devices, such as the A10 Pro from InnoSilicon with 485 Mh / s computing power, can generate $ 12.92 daily income at the current ETH price and mining difficulty. According to data F2Pool, when electricity costs $ 0.03 per kilowatt-hour per device A10 Pro provides a daily income of almost $ 12.

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