Frankfurt Airport Uses IOTA-Based Solution to Check Coronavirus Tests

The Coronavirus Testing Center at Frankfurt Airport uses UBIRCH’s IOTA-based solution to store and protect information about tested travelers.

Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s largest airport. All travelers take a coronavirus test, the results of which are stored in the system in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Specific details of the system were not disclosed.

According to one of the developers of the IOTA Foundation, the coronavirus testing center at the airport uses IOTA technology to store and protect travelers’ data. He noted that he could not share more details for privacy reasons, but attached a screenshot of the test results.

According to the document, the verification of the result was done using the blockchain. Judging by the screenshot, the IOTA Foundation is working with UBIRCH GmbH, which develops solutions for the Internet of Things, and one of the services is used to validate tests for coronavirus.


The solution provided by the Cologne-based startup could also run on Ethereum. Implementation of Tangle is a UBIRCH initiative that went unnoticed by community members until the developer IOTA Foundation posted. One Reddit user wrote :

“The IOTA Foundation knew about this, but kept this information secret. [IOTA Foundation software developer] Hans Moog even wrote about it, but then deleted the post on his Twitter. The last thing they want is for such projects to attract unwanted attention. “

As a reminder, the IOTA Foundation launched the Chrysalis testnet in December , marking preparations for the deployment of IOTA 2.0.

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