Free TON project: how to purchase Crystal tokens and become a validator?

The Free TON blockchain with the native TON Crystal token is ready to continue the story of Pavel Durov’s failed project.

At the end of May, it became known that Telegram was stopping work on the TON project and the GRAM cryptocurrency due to pressure from the SEC, the regulator of the US stock market. Developers from TON Labs, together with other companies, decided to continue working on the launch of the network, but under a different name and with a different product. As a result, on May 7, they launched a new network based on the Telegram Open Network protocol – Free TON with the Crystal token. 

The project was immediately supported by large companies from the crypto industry. These include TON Labs, Kuna Exchange, Everstake, Chorus, Bitscale Capital, Broxus, ForkLog founder Anatoly Kaplan and other companies and individuals. 

Let’s figure out what Free TON is. From a technical point of view, blockchain differs from TON only in name:

“We call the network and token differently to show that this network is free from the history of the regulator. At the same time, TON has all the properties of a cryptocurrency with which payments are made, ”says Dmitry Goroshevsky, CTO of TON Labs.

TON Crystal is an internal network token. The developers came up with an interesting idea of ​​distributing it among the participants. You can get tokens as a reward for winning contests. There are three of them: 

  1. The first competition invites developers to create tools for scalable and secure operations;

  2. the second is to develop a system of voting on contracts for making decisions within the project;

  3.  the third is in the development of the most optimal distribution method for TON Crystal tokens. 

Authors of the best solutions will receive 30,000 tokens, and the prize fund of each competition will be from 70,000 to 100,000 tokens.

To date, the first contests have already been completed and thousands of tokens have gone to the winners. Of course, you can buy TON Crystal from them. Precisely to purchase, because it would be strange if the winners of the contests offered other users tokens for free. They were originally offered at $ 1.4 per token. 

Now people buy tokens mostly out of curiosity and in small amounts. While there are too few validators on the network, this curiosity often develops into a desire to seize your niche. This is quite realistic, given the current staking volume and the likelihood of mining 15-25% per annum without extra costs. In general, the opportunity to capture the market and the desire of large players to purchase TON Crystal tokens is justified even at $ 1.2.   

However, the services where ordinary users can buy TON Crystal tokens can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The safest and most convenient option where you can buy TON Crystal is Chatex . The service works in the format of a Telegram bot, which implies simplicity and safety of use.

The service offers a P2P platform where you can purchase TON Crystal tokens from real users. The chance of being cheated is minimal here thanks to a transparent rating system that helps determine the reliability of the partner in the deal. 

The service uses the anti-fraud system and BitGo Instant instant secure transfers. And if problems arise during the transaction, an arbitrator will come to the rescue and resolve the dispute in a few minutes.

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