LINE Launches Aid LINK Rewards Program

The operator of the LINE messaging application has launched a reward program that will distribute LINK (LN) to those who use the company’s digital services.

According to Coindesk Japan, users will receive LINK for using three mobile applications, including LINE Pay for money transfers and settlements, LINE Securities for investments and LINE Score for credit rating.

The reward program is part of LINE’s efforts to promote its blockchain-based initiatives. In 2018, the company began developing its own LINE blockchain and released the LINK cryptoasset for trading against several major cryptocurrencies. 

In addition, this summer, LINE released a cryptocurrency wallet and blockchain-based platform that allows developers to create tokens and dApps, as well as tokenize assets.

According to the plan for the development of the reward program, 10,000 users who hold LINE family credit cards issued by LINE Pay will receive LINK worth 2,000 yen ($ 19.6), and LINE Securities users will receive up to 500 yen ($ 4.76) in crypto assets upon account opening and filling out the questionnaire.

Users will be able to convert LINK to fiat currency through their own cryptocurrency exchange LINE Bitmax , where they will need to open an account in order to carry out such transactions. The company wants to encourage its customers to use LINK more as a payment method.

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