MetaMask wallet appeared as a mobile application for iOS and Android

The MetaMask Ethereum wallet, which until now has been released as a browser extension, has appeared in the iOS and Android app stores.

A full-fledged mobile wallet with the ability to interact with various decentralized applications is available to Android and iOS users. At the same time, users can access both dApps from the approved list and the addresses of contracts of any application in the built-in browser.

The very process of switching from an extension on a desktop computer to a mobile application is very simple – the extension generates a QR code that the user scans on a mobile device. This syncs the complete transaction history with the mobile wallet.

In addition, MetaMask for iOS and Android allows you to buy Ether directly using Apple Pay, credit cards, or other payment systems, the list of which varies by country. For users of decentralized applications, this allows a secure, fast and easy transfer of funds to the dApp. But there is no support for Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets in the mobile application yet.

The MetaMask mobile wallet has been tested since the end of 2019, with more than 135 thousand users taking part in the testing. MetaMask recently adopted a new licensing policy that significantly limits the ability to copy program code.

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