Pantera Capital: “ICO investment fund turned out to be the most profitable”

In a monthly letter to investors, the management of Pantera Capital announced that the company’s fund for ICO investments turned out to be the most profitable – in 2020, profit increased by 362%.

For comparison, the company’s fund for investing in bitcoin grew by 218%, and the fund for investing in various crypto assets by 224%. The Digital Asset Investment Fund invests in “10-15 liquid tokens” and “is guided by a discretionary strategy focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) and related assets.”

“Pantera Capital funds continue to generate significant returns this year, which has been fruitful for digital assets. We think that the cryptocurrency market is at the beginning of a multi-year bullish trend fueled by macroeconomic fundamentals in underlying technologies, ”the letter says.

Previously, Pantera Capital Investment Director Joey Krug said that the portfolio of most cryptocurrency investment firms consists of BTC, BCH, ETH and other popular cryptocurrencies focused on payments and capital preservation. In contrast to such companies, Pantera Capital is ready to make a “main bet” on DeFi.

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