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R3 Corda Platform Will Implement DAML Smart Contract Language

R3’s Corda Enterprise platform integrates the Digital Asset Modeling Language (DAML) smart contract language developed by American startup Digital Asset.

Currently, Corda developers can only create applications using the Kotlin language created by JetBrains. The code of this programming language is executed in Javascript and the Java virtual machine. Language  DAML  was established in 2016. It is intended for financial institutions, and is used to draw up and execute agreements using distributed ledger technology. Digital Asset announced that it has partnered with IntellectEU, a high-tech industry company, to integrate the DAML cross-platform language with the Corda platform. Vice President of IntellectEU Thomas Bohner announced that initially DAML will be available on the platform only for testing. Developers will be able to use it commercially as early as Q3 2020, with important enterprise features slated to roll out later this year. The integration of DAML with Corda will significantly expand the platform’s interaction with other blockchains, since this language is already integrated with Hyperledger Fabric and VMware Blockchain. Boehner added that customers will be able to move their applications written in DAML between platforms. At the same time, they do not need to rewrite them for the new platform, remove the attachment to the software vendor and fear the risks associated with the use of complex programs. In April, online banking Tencent WeBank integrated the DAML smart contract language into the technical infrastructure of the Chinese Blockchain Service Network (BSN) platform, set up by the State Information Center of China.
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