UK Department of Health Tracks COVID-19 Vaccine Possession Using Blockchain

Everyware has launched a system for tracking the storage conditions of the COVID-19 vaccine on the Hedera Hashgraph blockchain in collaboration with the UK Department of Health.

Western coronavirus vaccines require extremely cold storage temperatures. It is rather difficult to provide such conditions. Everyware has equipped several NHS vaults with the required sensors and software to track storage conditions, with the data being written to the Hedera Hashgraph blockchain.

The system allows you to check storage times and conditions, as well as secure data exchange between institutions.

“It has become much easier to provide third-party access to data. You just need to create users and provide them with the necessary access to information. In addition, the use of Hedera Hashgraph opens up new integration opportunities, ”reads the Everyware statement.

Everyware has been working with the UK healthcare system for several years. Its solutions help in tracking conditions in the transport of blood and medicines. In May 2020, University College London (UCL) joined the Board of Governors of the Hedera Hashgraph decentralized platform to explore the possibilities of blockchain.

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