Waves Enterprise Developers Release New Node 1.3

Waves Enterprise developers have released a new version of node 1.3. Activating the update will expand the functionality of the main network and increase its performance by 30%.

The new version of the site contains more than 20 improvements, but the developers have provided information only about the main changes. The v1.3 functionality allows you to run certain types of smart contracts in multiple threads, so they are executed in parallel. On average, this will increase the efficiency of smart contract data processing by 5 times. Mainnet performance will be increased by 30% by optimizing latency during microblock creation.

At the request of Waves Enterprise partners, the development team has added a function to confirm the results of the execution of a smart contract by several network nodes. This option will increase the security level of smart contracts execution. S3 / Minio support has been added as a storage for sensitive data in order to transfer large amounts of data.

The platform user interface has also undergone changes. A new section “Network statistics” has appeared, which displays information about the number of nodes, average block size, number of blocks in the chain, network load, as well as statistics for the selected period: graphs on the number of transactions of different types and data from the oracle. In addition, customers have the opportunity to directly contact the developers.

Recall that in December, Waves introduced the Gravity Hub solution aimed at improving the “communication” of various blockchains and decentralized applications, as well as efficient data acquisition. In addition, last week, Ontology and Waves began jointly developing the infrastructure for blockchain interoperability.

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